Dongguan Jiangyu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a precision mold accessories and precision clamping equipment processing-based machinery processing manufacturing plant, founded in 2010. Jiangyu set design, mold, production, post-treatment, polishing, plating, packaging, processing and other one-stop services, is a strong enterprise. At present, the main business has several control processing copper and aluminum, metal stamping electronic parts, all kinds of hardware consumption sales, all kinds of precision spare parts production, precision sheet metal parts processing, precision clamping tool processing...See more

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Our strengths

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    Seiko Manufacturing


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  • 汽车行业

    Dongguan Xinli hardware products factory

  • 金属工艺品行业

    Dongguan City Hong Weixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 金属饰品行业

    Okagu Electronics Hardware Factory

  • 箱包行业

    Mattel Electronic stechtechnology

Provides the fine product technical support

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    Dongguan Jiangyu Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact: Tao Jianghua
    Phone: 13549475476
    Tel: 0769-83386880
    Fax: 0769-33358021
    Location: Yongjia Building, Jingshan Industrial Zone, TeaShan Town, Dongguan City
    Subway Line: Metro Line 2


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