Connector precision plastic inserts, connectors

Connector precision plastic inserts, connectors

Product Details

Insert is a generic term,Production of various precision partsIn the mold, it is specially used for irregular mold parts embedded in the mold, which plays the role of fixing the space between the template and filling the template. The inserts can be square, round, and flat. Like all mold accessories, the requirements for fineness are also very high. Generally there is no finished product, and various types of precision parts production are customized according to the needs of the mold.

As one of the production of various precision parts, its role is: First, it can facilitate exhaust in the center where exhaust is difficult. The second is that the frequently changed center is convenient for repairing and remodeling. Third, the raised central insert on the mold core can save the mold core height. Fourthly, in the center where it is difficult to process, the insert can be easily processed. Fifthly, beryllium copper can be inserted in the center where many waterways can't reach for cooling back.


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