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What knowledge needs to be learned from the development and improvement of automated equipment
- 2020-06-04-

Automation equipment research and development and processing and improvement needs to understand a wide range of learning.

For example: electrical technology, electronic technology, control theory, automatic detection and instrumentation, information disposal, system engineering, computer technology and application and network technology 2113 and other broad 5261 category of engineering technology root and certain professional knowledge, with automated system analysis, design, development and discussion of the fundamental talent, high overall quality, with solid theoretical roots and innovative talent.

Major courses in the development and improvement of automated equipment: Circuits, Signals and Systems, Imitation Electronics, Digital Electronics, Automatic Control Principles, Modern Control Theory, Microcomputer Principles and Applications, 4102 Software Technology Roots, Motor 1653 and Drag, Power Electronics Technology, Computer Control Technology, System Simulation, Computer Network, Motion Control (also known as Power Drag Automatic Control System), Process Control, Microcontrollerand and Embedded System Principles, Computer Aided Design, Professional English and Intelligent Control.

Automation equipment research and development and improvement needs to be moral, intellectual, body-based comprehensive, with a solid natural science root answer, with a good computer, foreign language, economy, management and other aspects of the application of the root;

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