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What should the sales person of all kinds do?
- 2020-06-04-

All kinds of hardware consumer sales staff first understand the product, and then summarize the customer list and analyze the customer, and then meet, the advantages of my product and the existing market brand, price, etc. to make a comparison, gradually to immerse, and finally reach edgy.

Step 1: Close the interval with the customer sales staff every day with different customers, sales staff as long as the relationship with the customer to deal with, there is time to introduce your product to customers, customers will be able to bear your product. First of all, business novices should be a confident person. In this person's mind there is nothing impossible, never doubt my company, never doubt the company's products, never doubt my talent, believe I can certainly down the customer, customers will certainly look at you.

Step 2: all kinds of hardware consumption sales from a simple start, so that customers do not look down on you. Many business novices who have just graduated from school want to manage how much area they want to do, and they want to do a lot of good sales performance. It's certainly a good thing that novice business people have these ideas. Due to the social experience, professional knowledge, sales skills and other factors, business novices to immediately operate and manage a county or municipal market to a larger region of the market, it is very difficult. Business novices just took over the business, as long as from the simple start, calm and easy to start, do some results out, do not let customers look down on you.

1, starting from the smallest regional market unit. Business novice snobbery management of the region should not be too large, each industry, each manufacturer has its own smallest regional market unit, such as the smallest regional market unit of fMCG may be a street, a community, feed products of the smallest regional market is a village, a village, business novices can choose from the manufacturer's smallest regional market unit to start. Choosing to start with the smallest regional market unit is beneficial to the growth and performance of novicebusiness. One management area is small, business novice market development and market management purposes and thinking to understand, know what to do, how to do;

2, from the simplest and root of the work to start. Sales work is a complex and combative work, activities mainly include regional market research, competitor analysis, market development programs, customer credit survey, customer development, customer management and maintenance, terminal network establishment, terminal handling and promotion, product complaints disposal and so on.

Step 3: with customers to sell together, with performance to win the full trust of customers after being a person, close the interval with customers. All kinds of hardware sales after a simple start, customers no longer look down on you. But to do sales, the end result is sales performance, is the continued growth of sales and market share from time to time. Next, the business novice should also deepen, the customer's passion is abundant mobilization, with customers to jointly develop and manage the market, to obtain good market performance, and finally make me become a customer's collaborative companion ship, so that customers feel forever inseparable from you.

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