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What are the processes for precision sheet metal processing?
- 2020-06-04-

For any construction piece, it has a certain processing process. First, thePrecision sheet metal processingFactory parts are designed and drawn into drawings to express their construction, and complex parts are then expanded into a form factor and well-to-machine workpiece. Next to the processing link, according to the difference solely sheet metal construction, sheet metal process is different, summarize the following points.

1. Underfeed. There are many ways to subpress, mainly the following four ways: cutting bed material. Is the application of the cut bed cut out the expansion of the shape of the long and wide size. Only cut the maximum form size of the workpiece; punching bed material. Is the application of the punch to its shape and hole processing out, bulk consumption when the punch inger material has more advantages; The workpiece smaller and higher: NC number punch down and laser downing material, the former is more suitable for sheet 3.0mm plate, the latter is suitable for a more complex construction of the workpiece and a little thick plate processing parts

2. Flipping edge, flip edge also called flip hole, pumping hole, is to draw a specified size hole on the pre-punch hole, this sheet metal process can make the workpiece to attack teeth more strength, suitable for 1.5mm below the thickness of the workpiece

3. Press riveting. Riveting commonly used are riveting studs, rivetnuts, riveting screws, etc. , its riveting method can go through the punch or riveting machine to rivet its riveting parts to sheet metal.

4. Bending. Bending is to enhance the strength of processing workpieces with precision sheet metal. Its processing needs to fold the bed and related bend mold to complete.

5. Welding is welding 2 or more parts group welding together to reach the purpose of processing, or a single part edge seam to be welded to increase the strength of the fold. Its processing varieties are: second maintenance welding, arc welding, welding, robot welding and touch welding:

6. Exterior disposal. Appearance disposal has phospheic film, plated multicolored zinc, chromate, paint, oxidation, etc. Phosphated film is applicable to cold-rolled plates and electrolytic plates;

7. Assembly. Is to combine multiple precision sheet metal parts or components in accordance with the request of the drawings, making it a good part. The assembled part may be scrap or semi - waste.

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