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The precision of metal plastic mold parts processing will be higher and higher
- 2020-05-07-

With the continuous development of the economy, people's living standards continue to improve, the spiritual and material cultural requirements are getting higher and higher, this demand has also led to the continuous development and innovation of metal plastic mold parts processing parts industry, the industry for plastic mold accessories and metal mold parts demand is growing, metal precision mechanical plastic mold parts industry shows different changes.

Mold industry is an important part of China's hardware industry, the 12th Five-Year Period is China's proper response to major changes in the development of the domestic and foreign environment, accelerate the realization of the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, but also China's metal plastic mold parts processing mold manufacturing industry healthy development of the key period, domestic and foreign environmental uncertainties although many, but China's economic development is still in the high-speed growth period, China's mold in the international mold market comparative advantage still exists, domestic mold market expectations continue to be optimistic, Plastic mold accessories industry development shows a big trend.

The precision of metal plastic mold parts processing will be higher and higher. Ten years ago, the precision mold accuracy is generally 5 microns, now has reached 0.01 to 3 microns, soon 1 micron accuracy of the mold will be listed. This requires ultra-finishing. Plastic mold accessories industry will become increasingly large. This is due to the mold molding parts increasingly large and high production efficiency requirements and the development of a multi-cavity caused by the development of a mold. Mold industry multi-functional composite mold will be further developed. In addition to stamping molded parts, the new multi-functional composite mold is also responsible for the assembly of stacking, tapping, riveting and locking.


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