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What to pay attention to when all kinds of precision spare parts are produced
- 2020-05-07-

In order to ensure the production and processing products of various types of precision spare parts, there are many matters to pay attention to, then, precision mold parts processing should pay attention to what? The following article is revealed for us.

What to pay attention to when processing precision mold parts


(1) In order to ensure the precision of all kinds of precision spare parts production, coarse, fine mechanical parts processing is best carried out separately. Because of the large amount of cutting of crude mechanical parts, the cutting force, the clamping force, heat, as well as mechanical parts processing surface has a more significant process hardening phenomenon, the workpiece there is a large internal stress, if the rough, coarse mechanical parts processing continuous, then the precision of the finished parts will be lost because of the redistribution of stress.

(2) reasonable selection of equipment. Rough mechanical parts processing is mainly cut off large local processing margin, does not request a higher mechanical parts processing accuracy, so roughing should be high power, not high precision machine tools to stop, finishing process request with higher precision machine processing.

(3) In all kinds of precision spare parts production and processing process road, often arranged with thermal disposal process. The arrangement of the thermal disposal process location is as follows: in order to improve the cutting performance of metal, such as annealing, positive fire, quality, etc., the general arrangement is carried out in the mechanical parts processing line.

Under the premise of ensuring the quality of fine mold parts processing, according to the detailed conditions of consumption, as far as possible to improve consumption efficiency and reduce consumption capital, to develop a reasonable processing process. In order to improve the consumption efficiency of fine mold parts processing, it is necessary to analyze the parts processed carefully, to clarify the data of the parts, the construction characteristics and shape tolerance request, roughness, thermal disposal and other technical requests. Then, at this base, choose a reasonable processing process and road.


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