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Auto parts processing process
- 2020-06-04-

One,Auto parts processing technologyBasic concept

1, craft

That is the method of processing products (wrist, process). It is a method of using consumer tools to stop processing original materials, blanks, and semi-waste products, and to change its geometric shape, external dimensions, appearance, and internal organization.

2, process regulations

Process rules and regulations (documents) such as the manufacturing process and operation methods of products or parts.

3, craft documents

Various technical documents to guide workers in operation and for consumption and process management. It is an important technical parameter for enterprises to organize consumption, plan consumption and stop accounting.

4, process parameters

In order to reach the expected technical indicators of the processed product, the relevant quantities of the process should be selected and controlled, such as current, electrode pressure, etc.

5, process equipment

Generic term for various tools used in product manufacturing process. Including knives, fixtures, molds, measuring tools, inspection tools, auxiliary tools, fitter tools and station tools, etc.

6, a process card (or operation guide) is a process document prepared according to a certain process stage of the product. He uses the process as a unit to elaborate on the process number, process title, process content, process parameters, operation request, and equipment and process equipment of the product (or zero or component) at a certain process stage. Including stamping process cards, welding process cards, paint process cards, assembly process cards.

7. The bill of materials (BOM) uses data format to describe the product structure file.

8, List of Outsourcing Parts

A process document to fill in the drawing number, title and processing content of all external parts in the product.

9, List of purchased tools

Fill in a process document for the title, specifications and accuracy of all the tools, measuring tools, etc. required for the product in the consumption process.

10, schedule of data consumption process quota

Fill in a process document for the title, brand, specification, weight, etc. of various materials required for each part of the product during the manufacturing process.

11, data consumption process quota summary table

A process document that summarizes and fills in the various data in the “Detailed List of Process Quota of Data Consumption” by a single product

12, parts transfer card

A process to fill in the specifications of each assembly process zero, part drawing number (code name), etc.

Second, the basic management of auto parts processing technology

1 The content of process management includes:

Product process work procedures, methods and procedures of product construction technical inspection, process plan design, process specification design, process quota preparation, process document standardization inspection, process document revision, process verification, consumer site process management, process discipline management, process Standardization, process equipment numbering method, process equipment design and verification management procedures, tooling use and maintenance, process specification format, management process file format, special process equipment design drawings and design file format.

2, automotive parts processing technology design process

Planning (product definition)-product design and development (product data)-process design and development-product and process validation-consumption (continuous improvement). 3. The definition and characteristics of the four major processes of body manufacturing

In the automobile manufacturing industry, stamping, welding, painting, and assembly are combined into four central technologies (that is, four major processes).


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